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If you have arrived here searching for answers to arthritis, ingrown toe nails, footwear, diabetic foot care, children's foot care, fungal nailsheel pain, foot pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, custom orthotics, podiatric biomechanics, gait analysis or numerous other subjects related to function of the lower limb? Well done!, you ended up in the right spot.

You might be across the street from one of our offices, perhaps across country or even across an ocean. Regardless! what we would like to do for you is, through a series of very pointed questions and answers, is to raise and focus your expectations for any potential health care provider proposing to help you.

Ignore for the moment that we are chiropodists / podiatrists, the information which follows acknowledges there an increasing variety of professional groups with diverse educational and some clinical backgrounds professing expertise in this field. This will merely allow you to better comprehend the true value of what is being offered and likewise, we too can be judged accordingly.