What Makes Us So Different

In deciding how we would improve what we do for our patients, we realized that improved function is at the core of all our efforts. Where pain is present, it results in reduced function. Were there is impairment in function, over time this will cause further injury. We have developed a series of innovative treatments and surgical procedures, combined with education and prevention, delivered in a unique environment to help you achieve a state of pure function.

Providing clarity, enables you to understand your diagnosis, this will empower you during your treatment.

We will anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations. Our experience along with innovation, seamlessly blended with sincerity and compassion, this is our promise and our priority.

Innovation: the introduction of something new, a new idea, a new method, or a new device. We have become advocates for change in your foot health through innovation and technology.

What will most benefit our patients, whether it be medicines, dynamic digital gait analysis, funtional orthotic therapy, laser therapy, radiology, radial shockwave therapy, surgery and   other physical therapies, we  will make it available and accessible.

In this .com world in which we live, innovation in communication changes and develops daily, (email, video, live streaming, interactive forums, blogs, social network); if this is part of your world we’ll provide it. If it’s what you want least, then so it shall be.

All our practitioners are registered with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario, they govern   the activities of the only ‘Foot Specialists’ recognized Ontario. This college is there to protect you, they ensure the treatment you receive and the process by it is provided to you is safe and appropriate.

We have been and continue to be involved and associated with the OSC (Ontario Society of Chiropodists), the OPMA (Ontario Podiatry Medical Association), the CFPM (Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine), the Canadian Diabetic Association, and the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists UK.

Our clinical partners:

Our responsibility to you and the public is to listen, and acknowledge the need for information,, education and clarification. We have and will continue to deliver complimentary presentations to groups, providing them with enough knowledge to ask the right questions and thus get to the right answers. (some examples: The Weekend to end Womens Cancers’, Womens Probus Groups, Arthritis associations, Pepsi Cola, DHL, Tim Hortons)

Our responsibility to our profession is to continue as clinical educators in undergraduate and post graduate programmes affiliated with the Ontario Society of Chiropodists, the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine, and the Michener Institute of Applied Sciences.

However, we also recognize that our offices are a part of the broader environment that we call home. That's why we are striving use earth-friendly practices whenever possible, one day at a time, one step at a time.