Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes has many effects on feet, and it is extremely important that any diabetic seek podiatric care.

Diabetes is a syndrome (a set of symptoms which occur together) characterized mainly by an increase in sugar levels or a failure of the body to produce insulin to control its sugar levels.

Diabetes And The Lower Limb

The Effects of Diabetes on the Feet

Diabetes is a serious condition which can have many effects on the feet, including:

  1. Nerve damage, resulting in numbness, extensive burning, pain, coldness, "pins and needles" or tingling while at rest. These nerves may actually affect the "position" sense, so that the joints or bones actually collapse with time.
  2. Blocked blood vessels or decreased blood flow with fewer nutrients reaching the feet. Without proper nourishment, sores on the foot may not heal in the normal time period, or may be vulnerable to secondary problems such as infection.
  3. Weakened bones, causing a shift in the foot, which may become deformed, changing the way the foot distributes pressure.
  4. Collapsed joints, especially in the area of the arch. As a result, the arch can no longer absorb pressure. The surrounding skin may also begin to break down.
  5. Blisters and Calluses. Diabetics are much more vulnerable to blister or callus formation, which generally stars as a warm or red spot caused by unrelieved skin pressure and the failure of the diabetic to feel the area.
  6. Ulcers or sores more easily occur as a result of the breakdown of several layers of skin. These ulcers may also become infected, and require a long time period to heal.
  7. Bone Infection. The final manifestation of all this is a bone infection, where the breakdown of tissue goes all the way to the bone, and secondary bone infection can occur, in some cases resulting in loss of the foot.

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