Digital Video Gait Analysis

As of March 2012 we have incorporated High Speed Digital Video Gait Analysis to our clinical biomechanical examinations. Initially we will be providing this service free of charge as we complete clinical trials, and already it has proven itself to be invaluable in several unexpected ways.

Our initial motivation for co-operating with the visionary staff at PediTechnologies in Montreal was to bring an enhanced ability to communicate with our patients in our offices. The founder of the company at our first meeting laughingly invited us to “See what we had been missing” in our patients gait analysis. We soon realized how correct he was.

Utilizing what was obviously a terrific visual tool we realized that we could better explain the complex functional anomalies causing the individuals foot pain or imbalance. This hope has been fulfilled and without exception those patients who have to date viewed this technology have been appreciative of this new ability to visualize their own disfunction and have it explained frame by frame in crystal clarity.

What came as great surprise to all of our practitioners was the enhanced effect this tool has had upon their understanding of the individuals gait and its anomalies. The sheer amount of detail reveled, forces us to become diagnosticians and subsequently this enables us to propose even better and more effective treatment plans.

Previously, gait analysis has taken place in hallways or at best on a treadmill at real speed or in blurred jerky video footage. With this system four high speed digital video cameras capture every angle in clarity. Our clinical assistants then store that file enabling us to review at the end of day frame by frame, or slow motion crystal clear images. We can also apply overlying grids for investigation, draw lines to measure symmetry, and apply land markers to body locations.

The final application for the PediGait system is that it can be utilized to perform comparisons on the same subject from different captures. For example, pre and post-surgery, post orthotic intervention, post footwear change and following orthotic modification. Ultimately this tool can even be utilized to provide a quantifiable measure of these interventions and in the long run allow us as clinician to make even better treatment recommendations for our patients based on actual results.

We look forward to offering YOU the opportunity to SEE what you have been missing. In the meantime please view the attached video below to gain a greater understanding of a terrific diagnostic tool that we are delighted to bring to you.